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2012/10/12 - NuGet #103:

NEW: Added ResourceNameValue field to Base Operation Class.
FIX: Re-Implemented IsScheduled() to check against ResourceNameValue != -1
NEW: Added DoesFieldContainClassification() method in PreactorObjectModel class (given a format field pair and classification string, will return a bool if the exact spelling of the classification exists for that field.)
ENHANCE: Improved DeleteCalendarExceptions() method to accept a boolean to define whether the method PlanningBoard.LoadCalendarData() should be called or not, as this function can slow Preactor down significantly.

2012/10/03 - DOCS

Added new calendar page:

2012/10/03 - NuGet #102:

NEW: Added functionality to delete Calendar Exceptions using LINQtoSQL. Created a Preactor DataContext and included LinqKit as a NuGet package in order to use the PredicateBuilder.
NEW: Added POM method GetCalendarStateNames() which will return a List<string> of all the available calendar names.
NEW: Added EvaluatePorcessTime() method to Operation class to only re-evaluate the process time and not all the other EVALUATE statements defined in the TDF as they can slow things down.

2012/09/18 - DOCS

Updated PreactorAPI Notes page with information on cancelling an onAfterDrop event.

2012/09/13 - VS Template

FIX: Updated the template to target .NET 3.5.

2012/09/12 - VS Template

NEW: Uploaded a Visual Studio template to get up and running quickly with POM

2012/09/12 - NuGet #101:

NEW: AddToSecondaryConstraint(this Operation op, ...) method extension to facilitate adding an operation to a secondaryConstraint.
NEW: ConstraintUsage Type safe enum class to work with the AddToSecondaryConstraint() method
NEW: OptionPicker class to faciliate creating an editor window to allow users to select an option.

2012/09/11 - NuGet #100:

NEW: Added extension method TestOperationOnResource(this Operation op, string resourceName, DateTime dateTime) to Operation objects.
FIX: HighlightOperations() will exit nicely if the list of operations is empty.
FIX: Fixed dependencies which was causing a problem with Fasterflect. Nuget packages should work fine now.
NEW: ProgressDisplay class which facilitates the use of the Preactor.DisplayStatus. See \\Entities\ProgressDisplay.cs
FIX: SetTerminatorTime() has correct signature
NEW: GetPreactorReferenceDate(this pom) extension method
NEW: GetTerminatorTime(this pom) extension method
NEW: GetWorkingPath(this pom) extension method
ENHANCE: Schedule() in extensions now throws an exception if a resource group does not have any associated resources. (Which suggests the imported data needs attention.)
OTHER: Replace QuickPutOp() with PutOp() for now.
NEW: Added QuickSchedule(OperationTimes) which accepts operation times in line with the Preactor API

2012/08/15 - NuGet #71:

ENHANCE: Shedule() method in POM Extensions to throw when a resource group does not have any associated resources
FIX: A bug was introduced in the previous commit to SetBatchTimeDuration(), which is now fixed.
NEW: QuickSchedule(OperationTimes) that accepts operationTimes in line with Preactor API.
NOTE: Replaced QuickPutOp() with PutOp() because Preactor implementation does not work as expected. QuickPutOp() does not refresh the operation times until the APS rule has completely finished.

2012/08/02 - NuGet #70:

FIX: Refactored SetBatchTimeDuration() to work a lot faster.
NEW: Added PutOnResource() and QuickPutOnResource() methods
BREAKINGCHANGE: Renamed QuickSchedule() to Schedule() as the prefix "Quick" has Preactor meaning, and the signature name is different from the Schedule() method defined in the base Operation class.
FIX: Operation.IsFinite property was broken due to a spelling mistake. Now working.

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